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A little introduction from me.
Jamie Jamal is a Bristol-based electronic handbag punk/Singer. As well as releasing his own solo material, Jamie is one half of electronic duo Flux [@fluxmusicuk] and electronic pick n mix outfit This Human Condition [@ConditionThis]. Jamie has performed at the Glastonbury Festival and been played on BBC6 Music. He has also collaborated with artists such as Future Self, Cynthia’s Periscope and Muzoid. Fun fact: Jamie appeared in a Boy George video!

Jamie is also involved in the underground electronic music scene, putting on showcases at Rough Trade Bristol; as well performing at the touring Electronic Music Open Mic nights (EMOM) across the UK, from Nottingham to Manchester, and London. Ever active on the grassroots online music scene, Jamie is quick to offer support and encouragement to his fellow music-makers.

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Jamie Jamal

Hello - Am I talking to Jamie here or the person that writes about him in the third person. Are they both the same thing.?

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