Event Name: Electronic Music Open Mic Night Norfolk
Hosted By: Barry Brosnihan
Event Date: Thursday 2nd November 2023
Location: The Rumsey Wells, Norwich

Get out of the home studio and into the light of a listening and appreciative audience. Laptops, synths, drum machines, loop stations, groove boxes, sequencers, samplers, iPads, modular synths, keyboards, decks, analogue and digital devices of all kinds welcome.

Seeking all forms of electronic music including: dance, ambient, noise, modular, electropop, techno, glitch, electrojazz, chiptune, hip hop, loopers, improvised, live coding, retrowave, trance etc

Meet other electronic music makers, share ideas and collaborate.

Sign up on the night. Slots are up to 20 minutes (including set up, play and pack down times), times may be reduced to get as many artists as we can. Slots are first come first serve. You only want 5 minutes? No worries, come and play!

Even if you dont wish to play, you are more then welcome to come and listen.

Artist sign up from 7:00pm on the night, music starts at 7:30pm.

In order to give you as much play time as possible we run two performance areas at opposite sides of the room. As one artist plays, the other has time to setup and get ready.

Sorry - no acoustic guitars – unless they are being used to generate soundscapes or some other style of music in keeping with the night. This is an acoustic free zone.

We do ask you respect the artists, the venue, the staff and each other.


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