Event Name: Digital Campfire (Manchester)
Hosted By: You Might Not Like This
Event Date: Tuesday 5th November 2019
Location: The Peer Hat, Faraday Street, Manchester

Digital Campfire [Electronic Music Open Mic / YMNLT]

Taking place at The Peer Hat, 14-16 Faraday Street, M1 1BE Manchester, United Kingdom


Performance slots are up to 15 minutes long INCLUDING setup time! (you can start setting up on a table nearby, and we'll it over upon act change)
There will be limited sign-ups available on the night, if you would like to secure a spot in advance (please do) then just email: YOUMIGHTNOTLIKETHIS@HOTMAIL.COM
Be sure to include your tech requirements!

More details TBC; we may be joined by a very fruity headline act ;)

We are pretty flexible on what you're allowed to play, and what constitutes as "electronic music" - basically, just include something digital / weird; there's plenty of great open mics around already for singer-songwriters on guitar, we love you but this is just something a bit different okay x
Chuck that guitar through buckets of reverb and we'll be aight

FREE ENTRY - any donations will go towards supporting:
Physical CD compilation releases featuring community members: https://youmightnotlikethis.bandcamp.com (we have totally sold out of the last 2 double disc releases, and have a 3rd on the way!)
Local charities such as The Horsfall and MASH (Manchester Action on Street Health)


Bring your pedals! Bring your synths! Get on down and give your brain a rinse! Sit round the fire*, enjoy the bliss - binary or no, we all love glitch!

Martin Christie's EMOM community has gathered rapidly expanding traction these past few years - from humble beginnings, there are now events across the UK, Europe, and even as far as Australia!

YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE THIS is proud to get in on the action, bringing Digital Campfire to the Manchester city centre! Relive the days of yore, when our cultural cults would be drawn round the flickering heat-light to share their stories and songs!
...But this time, with loads of cables!

Can I end my points with anything other than an exclamation mark! That last sentence was clearly a question, this is madness!

*despite this event launching on bonfire night, there shall be no actual fire involved; this is a community gathering round a conceptually-lit focal point of electronic music experiments; there's plenty of time for big fires after the event :) also keep the gig a safe space and don't be a dick ok thanks.

Brandon (You Might Not Like This)