Event Name: Toronto Electronic Music Open Mic (TEMOM)
Hosted By: Carl Armstrong
Event Date: Monday 13th November 2023
Location: Handlebar, 159 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON


Electronic Music Open Mic or EMOM for short is an open stage night for local electronic musicians.

This night is aimed at giving local electronic music artists a supportive space to play live and experiment.

Seeking all forms of electronic music including: ambient, soundtrack, dance, techno, noise, electropop, experimental, drone, glitch, hip-hop, field recordings, electrojazz, vocal, chiptune, looping, synth-wave, trance, live coding, sound design, etc.

Get out of your home studio or bedroom, and come out to a fun, supportive night with other enthusiastic gear heads, dabblers and live electronic music fans alike. You don’t have to be a songwriter or established artist with a full repertoire. This is for anyone who wants to try their hand at playing live in a safe, motivating environment. Phone apps, tiny gizmos, drum machines, loop stations, groove boxes, DJ controllers, sequencers, samplers, loose change and a contact mic, modular synths, computers, digital boxes and everything in between…All welcome!

Come out and meet other music makers, producers and creative types of all kinds. There should be plenty of time to talk gear, production techniques and a whole range of inspiring ideas.

Event will run from roughly 8pm-11pm with wiggle room depending on interest. The venue is open until late for regular business.

Sign up on the night at Handlebar (159 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON), or contact Carl Armstrong directly on the TEMOM Facebook page to get on the sign-up sheet beforehand.

Slots are up to 15 minutes (with additional set-up, play and pack down times). Get there early to avoid disappointment. There is a small main stage with lighting, full live-music speaker system , and an audio tech that will handle mixing to the main PA. We will have a table for you to setup on, and another one to the side, off the stage, for the next performer to prep/wrap their gear. Please be self-contained either with a direct connection to the in-house DI box (1/4 inch left and right(ts), 1/8 stereo, stereo RCA connectors) or with your own sub-mixer that we can run a stereo line from.

Sorry - no acoustic guitars – unless they are being used to generate soundscapes or some other style of music in keeping with the night (through pedals, FX units etc.)

These nights are great fun for both artists and fans of electronic music, you never know what genre you might hear next!
It would be great to see you there.

Toronto EMOM group on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1054052445215240


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