Eat The Sun provide fabulous modular synth workmanship on this their latest EP release called Fingers. The tracks are as follows:

1. Fingers
2. Fingers (TECIB Remix)
3. Fingers (Room Of Wires Remix)

Although labelled as ‘remixes’ you could be forgiven for hearing the second two tracks as unique offerings in their own right. Atmospheric synth builds, white noise beats and sweeping ambience fill each track with layers of sound. But this is not abstract and lazily delivered experimentation, each track is well thought out and executed, with highly listenable riffs within repeated melodies. A lot of attention to detail has gone into these creations and it really pays off, with my only slight criticism being I wish there were more tracks.

Eat The Sun are Matt Rhodes and Matt Brown from Nottingham and they have also blessed many an EMOM night in the Midlands and the North with their modular set up. You get a sense for how much they care about their sounds when they play live, paying intricate attention to each note, beat and interaction as they communicate via the slightest nods and whispers.

I’m so pleased to add this EP to my growing collection of EMOM artists physical releases. Although I’d have liked more tracks this EP has all the feel of something that could be expanded to a full album. In the meantime you should all make sure you give this EP a proper listening to. Available via the following Bandcamp link:

Martin Christie