Welcome to the home page for the all electronic music open mic movement (EMOM). The first EMOM event took place in early 2017 in Manchester. Since then the nights have taken off across the United Kingdom and also in Australia. The concept of these nights is simple, they provide a meeting and performance space for electronic musicians of all styles and persuasions.  A typical night could include everything from techno through to experimental and ambient music, from chiptune through to live coding and looping, field recording and industrial. The choice of technology is also wide ranging; lap tops, iPads and mobile phones are welcome, as are drum machines, synths, groove boxes, sequencers, samplers, modular set ups, keyboards, DJ decks, and analogue and digital devices of all kinds.

“The beginnings of the EMOM movement was like turning over a stone and finding this whole new world of music making underneath. You have to understand that at this time acoustic singer songwriters and indie bands were the mainstream order of the day. Of course electronic music was everywhere too, but there was little in the way of grass roots happenings or opportunity to develop the craft. Playing live was a real challenge for electronic musicians.” Excerpt from Electronic Music Travels by Martin Christie (forthcoming release)

But the EMOM movement is more than a series of events, it is a community through which creative people can share ideas, collaborate, swap gigs, release music and essentially have fun. A compilation album was released on the Manchester label You Might Not Like this and two further releases involving a double CD are planned for early this year. The albums feature many of the artists who have played and been involved in the EMOM nights.

This web page is the place to go to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the EMOM movement. The nights now run regularly in Norwich, York, Bristol, Stoke, Manchester, Nottingham and London. The London event is one of the few once monthly nights and takes place at The (legendary) Troubadour music venue and bar in Earls Court.

The only rule is no acoustic guitars unless they are being used to generate soundscapes or some other style of music in keeping with these nights.

Why not try out one of these nights near you and if there isn’t one, start your own. Get in touch if you need more information and we are always happy to help fellow electronic music lovers.

We hope to see you at a future event.