Event Name: Adelaide Electronic Music Open Mic (EMOM)
Hosted By: Adelaide Electronic Music Open Mic
Event Date: Friday 27th October 2023
Location: Mixed Creative, Nile Street, Port Adelaide, Australia

Electronic Music Open Mics follow the same format of traditional open mic events - they provide a meeting and performance space for electronic musicians of all styles and persuasions. A typical night could include everything from experimental and ambient music, from chiptune through to live coding and looping, field recording and industrial.

A performer will have a 15 minute set and there will be approx. 10 minute break between performers to set up the gear on stage.

The Mixed Creative music venue is a small, intimate room, (29 people max standing room only) so is ideal for someone breaking into electronic music live performance.

The room has a house PA and desk and with desk inputs below the "mix table".

Open mics are a supportive and encouraging environment, for artists to try something new and different.

For more information contact Adelaide EMOM group https://www.facebook.com/groups/523118053024292


How to start an EMOM