All Electronic Music Open Mic Nights 2023

Thursday 19th October 2023 | Electronic Music Open Mic (Derby) by James Glew | Dubrek Studios, Bridge St, Derby |Details

Thursday 19th October 2023 | Glasgow EMOM by Noisebox | Bloc+ Glasgow |Details

Friday 20th October 2023 | Electronic Music Open Mic (Blackpool) by Jamie Morden of GEOSynths | 1887 The Brew Room, Blackpool |Details

Saturday 21st October 2023 | Sunday Synth Shed - Shrewsbury by Benedict Johnson | Albert & Co Frankville, Shrewsbury (afternoon event) |Details

Wednesday 25th October 2023 | Brain Freeze by Brain Freeze MTL | Brasserie Beaubien, Beaubien Est, Montreal |Details

Thursday 26th October 2023 | Electric Tentacle - Stoke-on-Trent EMOM by Electric Tentacle | Captain’s Bar, Lichfield Street, Hanley |Details

Friday 27th October 2023 | Buckinghamshire (Aylesbury) EMOM by Buckinghamshire Electronic Music Open Mic (EMOM) | Pegasus Gym, Brittania Walk |Details

Friday 27th October 2023 | Adelaide Electronic Music Open Mic (EMOM) by Adelaide Electronic Music Open Mic | Mixed Creative, Nile Street, Port Adelaide, Australia |Details

Wednesday 1st November 2023 | Controlled Voltage EMOM (Folkestone) by Glen Orpheus | The Chambers, Folkestone |Details

Wednesday 1st November 2023 | Technical Difficulties (Sowerby Bridge) by Ian Pepper | The Puzzle Hall, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire |Details

Thursday 2nd November 2023 | Electronic Music Open Mic Night Norfolk by Barry Brosnihan | The Rumsey Wells, Norwich |Details

Thursday 2nd November 2023 | Sunderland EMOM by Ben Wall | The Ship Isis |Details

Thursday 9th November 2023 | Synth & Electronic Meet-up Session by Coastal Electronauts | Whitstable Labour Club, 12 Belmont Rd, Whitstable |Details

Monday 13th November 2023 | Toronto Electronic Music Open Mic (TEMOM) by Carl Armstrong | Handlebar, 159 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON |Details

Friday 1st December 2023 | Electronic Music Open Mic (Sheffield) by Brawny | Hagglers Corner, Sheffield |Details